1.) Players can trade their 1 Bright Hearts to 5 War Avatar Catalyst

Sample Table

1 Bright Hearts = 5 War Avatar Catalyst

2 Bright Hearts = 10 War Avatar Catalyst

3 Bright Hearts = 15 War Avatar Catalyst

4 Bright Hearts = 20 War Avatar Catalyst

5 Bright Hearts = 25 War Avatar Catalyst

6 Bright Hearts = 30 War Avatar Catalyst

7 Bright Hearts = 35 War Avatar Catalyst

8 Bright Hearts = 40 War Avatar Catalyst

9 Bright Hearts = 45 War Avatar Catalyst

10 Bright Hearts = 50 War Avatar Catalyst

Also for every 10 Bright Hearts you trade will receive 1 War Avatar Pack of the Day

Nov 17 (Fri): War Avatar Destroyer Pack
Nov 18 (Sat): War Avatar Battle Pack
Nov 19 (Sun): War Avatar Longevity Pack
Nov 20 (Mon): War Avatar Durability Pack
Nov 21 (Tue): War Avatar Soulprime Pack
Nov 22 (Wed): War Avatar Lifeprime Pack

2.) You can trade any amount of Bright Hearts to War Avatar Catalyst.

Note: Please secure a screenshot before and after trading.

Schedule of Events

November 17-22, 2017

Phoenix Server: 8:00pm-8:30pm

Chimera Server: 8:30pm-9:00pm


*Bright Hearts can be bought in Item Mall for 300 Gold.


PW Administration Team’s Decision is final.

To ensure the smooth proceeding of the event, if players were to disrupt to proceeding on an event, punishment will be dealt out in accordance to our abuse policy.

Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice

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