Come and join us this coming December 9, 2017 at Voyager Internet Cafe (Sanciangko) for the Biggest Gamer Party in Cebu .

Entrance Fee: 100php

A. Early Bird

*First 30 ONLY (redeem 1 of the ff below)

  • • +1 Level Boost (1 account may redeem once)
  • • 200k Fame and 800m Exp (not separable, 1 account may redeem once)
  • • 4 R8 Armor Material Pack  (contains r8r armor material set)
  • • 1 R8 Weapon Material Pack (contains r8r weapon material set)


B. Door Prize

*31~100 ONLY

  • Christmas Fashion Voucher – contains Christmas Carnival Set (M) or Christmas Carnival Set (F)


C. Raffle For All

One more reason to join the PW PPXP sa Cebu is the free raffle for all attendees!
30 Items will be raffled but there’s a catch. PW Attendees should reach 30 for all the items to be unlocked.

Cebu Raffle
Attendees Item
30 DB12
29 DB11
28 DB10
27 Divine Scroll
26 1000 Songflow Ringstone
25 1000 Songflow Ringstone
24 1000 Songflow Ringstone
23 42 Kunwoo Blade
22 42 Kunwoo Blade
21 55 Strongwind Badge
20 55 Strongwind Badge
19 23 Benevolence Seal
18 23 Benevolence Seal
17 Stong of Pangu
16 Wrath Stone
15 Rampart Stone
14 Ultimate Soul Stone Pack
13 500 Mysterious Chip Pack
12 500 Mysterious Chip Pack
11 200 Dragon Bloody Stone
10 15 Champion Ring’s Pack
9 120 Rotating Cube Gear
8 100 Spirit Gem
7 150 Vision Gem
6 10 Ivory White Dye
5 10 Ivory White Dye
4 10 Ebony Black Dye
3 10 Ebony Black Dye
2 10 Garnet Red Dye
1 10 Garnet Red Dye

*Bring a Valid ID
*Will only accept attendees until 4:00pm for the raffle


D. Topup Bundle

For every Php 3,000 Level Up! load you purchase at the venue, you can use them to top up and convert it to Perfect World PH Gold to get FREE items.
*Rewards will be given on the server where you convert the load.

Phoenix Server: Choose between a FREE 500M Yuan OR 200K Fame 
Chimera Server: Choose between a FREE 300M Yuan OR 150K Fame

But wait there’s more (Phoenix Server Only)
For every 50k bundle worth of bundle you will get 20 Xia Feng Command Sword
For every 100k bundle worth of bundle you will get 50 Xia Feng Command Sword
For every 150k bundle worth of bundle you will gets 80 Xia Feng Command Sword

NOTE: Purchase of load for the bundle will NOT be eligible for use in any other Perfect World PH event

*Rewards will be given on the server that you convert the load.

In-game prizes will be given within 14 days of the event completion.

See you there!

Disclaimer: Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.

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