December is here so is our Item Mall Update. Heavenly Clouds is our lucky box and 10th Anniversary Christmas Set for the fashion of the month

Check the list of goodies below
Heavenly Clouds

10th Anniversary Christmas Set


You can also get these flights from Gold Snake Flying Order

Human – Aladdin Carpet

Aladdin Carpet

Beastkin – Fury Blue Whale

Fury Blue Whale

Wingkin – Evil Demon Feathers

Evil Demon Feathers

Tideborne – Pink Illusion

Pink Illusion

Earthen – Flysky Mad Shark

Flysky Mad Shark

Armory Pack is back for only 200 Gold. Available from Dec 18 – 31, 2017 only.


Dragon Ball Sale at 90% off from December 18 to 24, 2017 only!



Returning Fashion Eschatology Mounted for male and Peach Fitted for female.


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