Something sanctimonious. Something devoting. Something… righteous. Pious Dragons–slay and get your FREE Snowdance Chest NOW!


1. The event will start at 9:00pm starting April 22 until April 28.
2. 5 minutes before the event a system announcement will be flashed.
3. Hunt down the Pious Dragons scattered inside the Story Mode of the Primal World.
4. Collect Gift of Admiration and Gilded Age.
5. There will only be 2000 Pious Dragons per day and will respawn at exactly 9PM the following day. Heroes must kill all the Dragons before the reset schedule.
6. You may craft the Snowdance Chest Lucky Box in Felicity Envoy at Dragon City South (558, 632) using 1pc Gift of Admiration, 1pc Gilded Age and 1pc Five Cents.

Snowdance Chest Lucky Box – Dance in the white snow. The good luck is coming. Sing with your friend and enjoy happiness together.

Check the goodies you can get when you open it.

Get super rare Extreme Love Balloon Mount.