🧙‍♂️🧝Who knew that there are a bunch of artists in the ranks? While each and every entry evoked emotion from 👏 to 😲 we can only have 4 winners. The GMs have decided. Here are the winners of our September Fan Art contest.

🏆1st Place🏆 –Ben Julnor Durusan
Prize: Dyed Fashion of choice + 2k Nebula Dust Orb

🥈2nd Place🥈- Karma Lebrilla
Prize: Dyed fashion of choice + 1k Nebula Dust Orb

🥉3rd Placer🥉 – Stephen Cayabyab
Prize: Random dyed fashion of choice + 500 Nebula Dust Orb

🏅4th Placer 🏅- Fritz Jabal
Prize: 350 Nebula Dust Orb

In appreciation for those who put their best effort, we’ll be giving away 200 Nebula Dust Orb for some of the fan arts that almost made it to the top 4!

Vincent Montemayor
Ryden Ortigas
Rex Santillan
Onzo Melveen
Mikhaela Grazielle Joy Miguel
Michael DIaz
Mark Jayson Mercado
Margareth Delos Reyes
Lex Marcelo
Karl An gelo Bagaporo Lauria
Jv Dorz
Jonathan Dale Masiclat
Jelly Gonzales
JD Mato
James Pw
Ian Lee
Fritz Jabal
Ejei Cabauatan
Cons PW
Caresan Nanette Olasiman Lumanta
Blush Yuling
Ben Julnor Durusan
Ann Clemente
Alwin Tan
Shantal Lopez
Axl Bula
AnnEjo Lyn Garcia
Jazmine Alvarez
Carissa Mae Olasiman Lumanta
Edwin Oliveros
Jon Cruz
Lumierre Shin
Joshua Ray Castillo
Xian Lander Padua
Aica Mae Lim

Participation prize of 50 Nebula Dust Orb will be given for every legit participant!

*Note: Awards will be given within 14 working days.

🧝‍♀️ Thank you Heroes🧝‍♀️