Here are the latest patch notes

New Lottery Box – Universal Supreme
• New Fashion Weapon: Scarlet Crimson Red Weapons
• New Fashion Set: Inkcloud(Male)/Peony(Female)
• New Item: Alliance Trumpet (This will let you send a message to the entire alliance.)
• New Emojis: Cute Tiger
• New Summon Monster Item:
-Ancient Memory
-Ancient Reminiscence
-Ancient Longing
-Ancient Recollection
(This will help you gain additional EXP)
• Extreme Fireworks are now available

Also, HS Quest Line and some item descriptions have been fixed.


Take a look at some of the new stuff we’ve added to the Item Mall!
Universal Supreme lucky box is available now for only 25 Gold. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until October 7, 2019 (8:00 AM)!

Check the list of goodies you can get on our lucky box:

What’s Hot? 
Behold these strange crystals from the past. Buy one of these to summon an Ancient creature. Defeat the ancient to gain exp points!


Find them under the Hot section in the New tab.

What’s New? 

Spice up your chat with this new Cute Tiger Emojis!


Check them out in the Chat tab under the Tool section. Get this for only 15 Gold = 15 PHP !


Wraith Touch Fashion [ Male Set ]

Snow Queen Fashion [ Female Set ]


New Fashion Set

Inkcloud Set [ Male Set ]

Peony Set [Female Set]