The Cube of Fate is a solo dungeon (shared instance) that you can enter starting at level 40. There are 50 rooms in the puzzle dungeon, each with its own unique challenge to complete. Once you complete a room’s challenge, you will receive a random six-sided Dice that will move you forward throughout the dungeon. The objective is to reach room 50, however, if you fail a challenge or are killed along the way, you will respawn back in room 1 with the option to either exit the Cube, or start the puzzle all over again.

While the Cube can be very frustrating at times, it can also be very rewarding. You could spend a few million yuan and come out empty-handed, or you could spend 100k and come out with a few million yuan, 20 Mysterious Chips, and over 350,000 XP! It’s completely random, though patience and persistence will certainly help.

You can only do this quest once per day (well, on the days you can afford it).


  • Level 40+ to enter
  • 1 Mission Orders, which you can get once per day from the Property Official /Wolf Cub in each of the 6 major cities
  • 10-30 Immortal Stones. Each Immortal Stone can be exchanged for 2 Dice Exchange Tickets, and each room requires 1 Dice Exchange Ticket to begin the challenge. Some rooms have very difficult challenges and can be bypassed by paying additional Dice Exchange Tickets
  • 400-600k. Several rooms require 100-200k yuan to pass, although usually you are given a chance to win additional yuan back
  • Patience. Some days it’s going to be really easy, and some days it will be impossible to finish. Understand that going in, the Cube is completely random


  • XP! At level 70-79, it’s worth 350,000 XP and 70,000 spirits IF you reach room 50, at 80+ it’s 400k/80k
  • Money. Several rooms have a chance to win either 1 million or 5 million yuan
  • Mysterious Chips. Up to 20 per run (5 per room, 4 chip rooms), can be traded for Legendary Molds at the Mystic Merchant in Thousand Streams City
  • At 80+ you get a chance to enter the Cube Lottery, but it’s still not translated into English, so I’m unsure what the rewards are though database sites do show some legendary gear that comes from the lottery
  • Pages of Fate. At level 90+, you don’t get a XP reward for completing the Cube of Fate, but you do get pages that you can trade for your Demon/Sage skill books

Challenge Rooms

[1] Beginning of Fate
Trade your Mission Orders for a Puzzle Cube at the Cube Transporter 01
Use the Forge beside him to repair, buy potions, and exchange Immortal Stones for Dice Exchange Tickets
Choose ‘Start the Challenge’ to exchange your Puzzle Cube and 1 Dice Ticket, for a random Dice (1-6)
Right-click on the Dice, and you’ll move forward that many rooms i.e. if you get a 5 Dice and you’re in room 1, you’ll end up in room 6

[2] Dig for Treasure
Open 5 chests for quest items, get a Dice.

[3] Slaughterhouse
Kill 5 monsters, get a Dice.

[4] Whack-a-Mole
Kill 10 monsters, 1 hit each, use auto attack, get a Dice.

[5] Count the Apples
Count either the red, white, or blue wisps. Choose correctly, get a Dice.

[6] Open Sesame!
Kill the boss mob in this room, who does a very weak AOE dmg (~100 every few seconds)
When he Dice s a Teleport Master will spawn, talk to him to get a Dice
The boss will respawn in about 20 seconds, so make it fast and don’t AFK on auto attack for too long

[7] Listen…
Talk to the butterfly NPC to start the challenge
The goal is to find out which monsters have sound effects, the ones with the fire noise will 1 hit kill you, so slowly approach them until you find the monsters with no sound, and run through them to the other side
Try the 2 mobs against the left hand wall

[8] Test of Morals
Costs 100k, open 10 chests and receive either a Sadness Card (sells for 1 yuan), or a Ecstasy Card (sells for 1,000,000 yuan)

[9] Survive for 100 seconds
Stay alive for 100 seconds
The mob in the center does AOE dmg, while the moving mobs do weak physical
Run to the corner of the room and kill any monsters that follow you, then just tank the AOE dmg

[10] Panic Explosion!
A time bomb is attached to you and will detonate in 10 minutes
Once you reach the NPC in room 17 (or higher) ask him to diffuse the bomb
If you fail before the bomb goes off, make sure you have the NPC in room 1 diffuse the bomb

[11] Boring …
Jail room, simply wait 3 minutes and you’ll get a Dice
BE CAREFUL, this room is PK enabled (whether you’re blue or not), so don’t AFK here

[12] Crossroads of Fate
Receive a random token, either 1 room back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right click to use it like a Dice

[13] Six Hearts United
Either talk to the NPC while having 5 squad mates in the room, or pay 3 Dice Exchange Tickets to bypass the challenge

[14] I Don’t Wanna Go…
The objective of this room is to get a Dice once someone in the room Dice s, so, you can either wait for someone to enter and then PK them
Or simply get yourself killed and start over at room 1
To kill yourself, run into the corner with the plant mob, which will debuff your HP by 80%, then agro the mob in the middle

[15] Mysterious Stranger
First of four rooms where you can get Mysterious Chips (up to 5 per room)
You have 60 seconds to kill as many mobs as you can
You must turn the quest in at the middle NPC before the timer runs out, or you get 0 chips
You can only do the Kill for Thrills quest once per day, in each of the four rooms, for a maximum of 20 Mysterious Chips per run

[16] Good Versus Evil
Must kill a very tough mob, only possible with a squad of people in the same room
Or you can pay X Dice Exchange Tickets to bypass the challenge and get a Dice

[17] Saint or Sinner?
Another chest room, pay 100k, open 10 chests, can either win 1 yuan, or 1,000,000 yuan

[18] Not Strong Enough!
When you enter, you’re given 9 Strength cards, but you need 10 to complete the quest and move on
You can either wait for someone else to come in and give you one of their cards, or
Use your Town Portal skill to go back to room 1

[19] Happy Highwayman
Talk to the NPC, get 5 extra Dice Exchange Tickets, and a Dice

[20] Fate’s Second Crossroads
Receive a random token, either 1-3 rooms back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right-click to use it like a Dice

[21] Monster Hunter
Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes, can be difficult depending on your level
For example, level 70-79 have to kill level 75 mobs, easier at level 79 than at level 70

[22] Mysterious Stranger
Second of four rooms you can get Mysterious Chips in, same challenge, 60 seconds to kill 1-5 mobs

[23] True or False? …
Must kill 1 mob, some are weak (never met one), most are hard, kite, use pots, not too difficult

[24] Sowing and Reaping
Open 5 chests, get a Dice
You can change the amount of chests required to complete the challenge, to either 5, 20, or 100 chests
Leave it at 5, otherwise Karma will bite you in the ass ^^

[25] Dragon Gate
Run through the exploding hands, simply wait for them to explode them move through the circle
Reach the opposite corner and talk to the NPC for your Dice

[26] Heroes Versus Dragons
Must loot 5 chests, guarded by a mob that will 1 hit kill you
The mob moves very, very slow, so you can have him chase you to the corner of the room
Then run back and loot 2 chests, rinse, repeat

[27] Listen… EX
Same as the previous listen room, try the 2 mobs 2nd from the right wall

[28] Count the Apples… EX
Same as the first room, count either the red, white, or blue wisps (it’s random which one the NPC will ask for)

[29] Slaughterhouse… EX
Kill 5 mobs, no time limit

[30] Survivor: 100 seconds
Stay alive for 100 seconds, the AOE does more damage in this room, fairly easy with a HP charm

[31] Mysterious Stranger
Third of the four Mysterious Chip rooms

[32] Even More Boring…
Jail room, simply wait 5 minutes and you’ll receive a Dice , PK enabled so don’t AFK

[33] Monster Hunter Feature
Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes

[34] I Want to Stay…
Same as room 14, either kill another player, or kill yourself and start over. If you do manage to kill another player here, walk along to wall to the opposite corner of the room to avoid agressing the middle ball, and make sure you talk to the NPC twice. The corner mobs only do a debuff which you can relog to clear (once you use the Dice )

[35] Fate’s Third Crossroads
Receive a random token, either 3 rooms back, or 1-6 rooms forward
Right click to use it like a Dice

[36] Dig Until You Go Crazy
Loot 10 chests, get a Dice

[37] Luck Goes Boom!
Pay 200,000 yuan, get a box with random goodies inside
Can include 1-3 Immortal Stones, 5-10 Dice Exchange Tickets, or 2 Do-All Cards (can be made into Robber or Bully Cards)

[38] Dragon Gate EX
Same as room 25, except little insects run around that can 1 hit kill you, need to avoid both them and the exploding hands, for an easy time hug the walls tightly to avoid the insect patrols

[39] Reap What You Sow
Open 20 chests, get a Dice
You can change the amount of chests required to complete the challenge, to either 5, 20, or 100 chests
Leave it at 5, otherwise Karma will bite you in the ass ^^

[40] Sinner or Saint?
Pay 100,000 yuan, open 10 chests, either win 1 yuan, or 5,000,000 yuan

[41] Three Hearts United
Create a squad of 3 players in the same room, or pay 10 Dice Exchange Tickets to bypass the challenge

[42] Mysterious Stranger
The final Mysterious Chip room, 5 mobs, 60 seconds

[43] Good Battles Evil
Need a squad to kill these mobs, pay X Dice Exchange Tickets to bypass the challenge

[44] Panic Detonation!
A time bomb is attached to you, must reach room 50 in 10 minutes or less
Talk to the NPC in room 50 to diffuse the bomb

[45] Open Sesame!… Please?
Same as room 6, kill a boss mob (weak, 100 dmg AOE) that has tons of hit points, takes 20-40 minutes depending on class and level, pray you don’t hit the previous room and roll a 1

[46] Still Not Strong Enough!
Same as room 18, get 9 Ruler Cards, need 10
Either hope someone comes in and gives you one of theirs, or Town Portal back to room 1 and start over

[47] I Will Survive! 100 Sec.
Stay alive for 100 seconds, same as the previous two 100 second rooms
Mob in the middle does significatly more AOE dmg (impossible for a 80 Archer)
If you’re not a Barbarian or Cleric, just Dice and start over
If you want to try it make sure you have a HP charm, both restoration and HP pots, and possibly damage reduction charms, though I’m not sure if the damage is physical or magic

[48] Dig Until You Cry
Open 10 chests, get a Dice

[49] Take Your Fill!
Have 2 minutes to kill as many mobs as you can, each mob is worth 5000 XP and 1000 Spirit

[50] Endpoint of Fate
The final room, receive your XP, Souls, and a chest that contains 1-3 Immortal Stones, with a 5% chance to get a Badge of Skill (need 10 to make a Proof of Skill, need 1 of each Proof type to get the level 90+ Sage weapons)

[51] Sudoku
Pay 150k yuan and kill 6 monsters within 5 minutes. Then you will be warped to another room [Sudoku] where you need to complete the 5×5 chessboard with different colored orbs. No color should be the same either horizontally or vertically. Check link for youtube guide.

[52] Boss Battles.
You will be required to kill (5) bosses but you can skip the other 4 if you’ve killed the 1st. You will have 12 minutes per boss. Check link for youtube guide.

[53] Shaolin Soccer
[Timed] Drag the “white ball” to the goal. Don’t get caught. Then dig. Check link for youtube guide.

[54] Lottery
Pay 100k yuan to begin. If you get 3 orbs of the same color, you win a Cube Lottery Currency. If you get 3 orbs of different colors, you win 300k yuan. Check link for youtube guide.

[55] Another Lottery
Talk to the 2 NPCs to get the next card. Obtain a random lottery result. Wish you luck. Check link for youtube guide.

[56] Drifting Vortex
Check link for youtube guide.
Talk to the NPCs to know where you currently are positioned so you don’t get lost.
x – Ignore
o – Go to this portal
NPC here – Obviously, NPC [ One of the Five Brothers ]
| – Design door

Start [ Cube Teleporter 56 ] to “Do you dare ask directions?”

Just talk to him -___-

1st Room [ One of the Five Brothers ] “Do you dare ask directions?” to “…..”

x x x x
x x x x |
x o x x
NPC here

2nd Room [ One of the Five Brothers ] “…..” to “The road begins where you stand.”

x x x x
x o x x |
x x x x
NPC here

3rd Room [ One of the Five Brothers ] “The road begins where you stand.” to “This long road is endless.”

x x x x
x x x x |
x x o x
NPC here

4th Room [ One of the Five Brothers ] “This long road is endless.” to [ Cube Teleporter 56 ] End.

x x x x
x x o x |
x x x x
NPC here

[57] Charge!
There are wisps that are moving that could either stop, stun, paralyze, slow or damage you. You need to submit the quest to either one of the 3 people on the corners of that map. Check link for youtube guide.

[58] PK room where you need to wait for another player and wait for him/her to get the quest before you proceed on killing to get the item needed. If you don’t want to kill another player, you can also hope to buy the Gold Card from the other player. You can also pay 10 universal cards to pass. Check link for youtube guide.

[59] Pay 600k to proceed to Rm 60 or Pay 200k to go to a previous room (51-58)

[60] Claim your prize


  • If you already activated the quest in room 18/47, drop the Strength/Ruler Cards then abort the quest then pick the cards again. That way the cards wont disappear once you aborted the quest.
  • Don’t die anytime inside the Cube of fate once you get the Gold Card otherwise it will disappear from your inventory.
  • Don’t dawdle. Some NPCs disappear after a certain time.