Good day, Heroes!
Do you miss the fighting monsters and your guildmates? Are you new or just want to return but feel left out with your level? If yes, then you’re in luck! We’ve got a Returnee Pack just for you.  For 5,000 Gold, you can level up directly to lvl 100 plus fully geared with Bloody Battle Gear Pack. What more you will get these extra goodies down below:
Returnee Package Contents:
Bloody Battle Gear Pack
Acquire dusk place armor set & weapon
Peripatetic Pill
Levels you directly up to level 100.
Optimistic Pill
Levels you directly up to level 100.
Mental Clarity Pill
Levels you directly up to level 100.
Geographic Map
The legendary map of the Perfect Continent.
Stone of Love: Restoration
Required item for the first reawakening.
Stone of Love·Recreation
Required item for the Second reawakening.
Dragon Orb (5 Star) x2
It can be added as a component when Refining.
Unable to upgrade this into a higher-level Dragon Ball.
Level 1-5 refining is 100% successful.
Lv8 Soulgem Exchange Card
Receive a Soulgem of your choice.
Dragonsparrow Pass
It can be exchanged for a time-limited flyer at the Perfect Event Manager.
Dark Abyss Mount Egg
Night falls. Each player is a legend of Perfect World.
It can be hatched at a Pet Manager.
Teleport Bell (30 days)
Teleports you to any place on the map.
Auto-Recovery Stone (30 days)
While this is in your inventory, you may enable the Auto-Potion functionality by clicking the H key or the Heart icon next to your character window.
When enabled, you will automatically use your consumables when falling below a specified percent in health or mana.
Please observe the expiration date. This can also increase the maximum limit of daily Active Points.
War Avatar Chest: A x2
This chest contains an A-grade War Avatar.
EXP increased after being consumed: 5
Chest Fragment I
Mysterious chest fragment. It contains lots of treasure.
Right-click to combine with:
Chest Fragment II(Can be acquired by opening the Merciful Heart Pack)
198 pcs of Heaven-Earth Stones
Combining will create an Emerald Galaxy Pack.
Promo is until  October 21, 2019, at 8:00 AM ( GMT +8 )
We’ll see you in Perfect World, Heroes!