Heroes from all over Perfect World!

Now, without further ado, we would like to present your Hero of the Month candidates for November!


Clan: Metanoia
Level: 103
Class: Yu Xia
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing Perfect World in 2007, where the computer shop in our area has just opened. Everyone went ahead to play Ragnarok Online but we were curious with that one guy who was playing a 3D game. We asked and then we were hooked. We played on the Dragon Server. At that time, we did not last 3 months because levelling was too difficult, especially for young minds like my friends and I. We returned to the game after the tideborne race entered the game, but still, we grew tired of playing the game. Earthen class came, then I decided to return. I tried the Hun Ling character because I am very fond of Int type classes. Alas, I finally found the character that jived with me. I got really hooked again on the game, especially since Hun Ling class is good for solo playing, and at the same time as support. By this time, Perfect World quests already provided short but heavily rewarding quests, so it was easy for newbies to level up, and I did level up to 100. Still, something is lacking. I felt alone playing solo. I tried reaching out to my old pals but we grew out each other. I stopped playing the game again.

Fast forward to PW 2.0 Transcendence. I returned because of all the advertisements I saw and felt nostalgic about it. This time, I created a Yu Xia and Yu Ling character, complementary pair, nuker and support. While I was doing my dailies, I met Keagan, the master then of SoulEdge Clan. I was invited to his clan. There and Then, I felt Support and Care. It felt like being in a family in a virtual world. I found what I was missing. Even if I had short- or long-term breaks from the game, I still have a family to go back to.

Then came the server migration. These were dark times. I tried finding that spark from different Perfect World Servers (e.g. PWI, EPW, Abyss, Classic, etc.), but most of them were already advanced and some are pure PVP servers. That is why when PWPH returned, I made it my goal to reproduce what I have done on the previous versions of the game. During CBT, I reached lvl 90 to attain the highest reward possible (Shout out to my levelling buddies then: SESA, Blythe, Cersei, and Reito, we’re not that close now though xD).

On OBT, other members of SoulEdge returned to rebuild our clan, but we’re not enough. We merged with Retaliate Clan, and together, we built the Metanoia Family. Now, we continue to nourish each other mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (Physically na rin kasi maraming “big guys” samin literally xD). Shout out to the current active members of the Metanoia; You guys are the life and blood of our family, especially the BB girls, the muses and pamuses of the clan, and the metanoobs, the forefront of adventures. You guys are the best.

Now, when I have time, I create new characters to meet and help new players on beginning their journey, and to remind me that we are all players, and our main goal is to have fun. With this, I would like to acknowledge the Crusaders clan, especially ate Yow (Yeou), for the warm welcome of my Papillon (RIP Nien Beast, you will be missed). I also express my gratitude to the people I met during the growth of my YS, Dredge. You know who you are.

In toto, Perfect World is not just about the journey to reach the highest level, or to have the best equips possible. It is also about the friends we made along the way, and the adventures you finished together. Perfect World is not just about beating other players through PK, or doing the same old torrid daily quests. There are still untouched lands and unconquered dungeons. We still haven’t reached the depths of the game features. This is also what differs Perfect World from any other games: Friends, Fun, and Adventure.

“The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things!” – Kanami, Log Horizon

Why you should pick me:

I wish to become the Hero of the Month for December to advocate for the growth of my server. I also want to belabor doubts and vanquish whilom unconquerable adventures in our game. I shall do this by providing unrequited guidance to fresh minds in our game.

Even before, as I said on the previous question, I sometimes create new characters to easily reach out to budding players of our game. I will not be enumerating my deeds because that will be as if I’m counting my blessings. Still, I am grateful for the people I have helped, and I hope you too have found your family and rightful place in our world.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my best interests in our community. Even if I don’t win as Hero of the Month, you may still approach me for guidance to things I already explored and have knowledge about. I will welcome you with open arms.



IGN: rameoj
Clan: Mugen
Level: 103
Class: Jian Ling
ServerNew Moon


I started playing Perfect World since the day it was released by Level Up Games year 2007. I started with a Fa Shih in Tiger server. Then when the Earthen class was released, I created a Jian Ling, which I like the most since it can be a tank while dealing massive damage with single target skills or AOEs. What I like the most in Perfect World are the graphics and the gameplay, specific to flying capabilities of the characters. I even have a collection of Earthen flights, total of 11 flyers so far :). Was able to reach level 105 105 104 in the Phoenix server. With rank 8 weapon with max enhancement and +8 armor set, I became part of the Cata team (tank team during territorial wars). My role was to kill anyone who will try to kill the Yao Shous.

I used to play, Ragnarok, Rose online, RF Online, Gunz, Gunbound, Khan, Tantra, Ran, Audition, and other network games like Battle Realms, Warcraft and Game of Generals.

I started in Tiger server, then Phoenix and now New Moon.

I highly recommend Perfect World to anyone who would like to try online games because of the stunning visuals and gameplay. Also, one of the great things is the continuous development of the game. This game has been running for more than 10 years and counting. The only MMORPG I have known to last that long and continuously evolving.


Why you should pick me:

I have been a loyal Perfect World player for more than 10 years now. I really love the game. My love for the game allowed me to gain new friends and family. As a way of giving back to the game, as much as I can, I always help newbies to let them experience nd enjoy the game to the fullest.



IGN: Reece
Level: 102
Class: Hun Ling
Server New Moon


I started playing Perfect World July of 2007. I got hooked with its 3D Graphics and the flying mode. Before, not much of games offers the same graphics and mode of flying. So me and my friends were amazed by it. The Level Up people went to our school and introduced the game, they also gave some freebies. Not much of an accomplishments actually since theirs a few HunLing’s in the game but id like to think that im one of the top HL user. Im always on the Cata Support Team during Territorial Wars since my job is very useful in both atk and def tactics. During my spare time I’m fond of helping random players with their dungeon or boss quest. I havent played much online games aside from PW, i tried others but it only lasted for days. I was there since the beginning from Tiger Server to Phoenix then now with New Moon. I am on and off sometimes with the game due to issues with management or some stuff but i still go back to it. I cant really hate or ignore the things I love that long. Some people play games to escape reality, i got spellbound to the game thats why im recommending it to others. I want them to experience the things that i felt playing the game. The feeling of being wanted, joy in accomplishing something and Meeting random people who will eventually be your friends in real life.

Why you should pick me:

Ive been a supporter of the game for the longest time. Ive been thru ups and down with it. All of these experiences leads to where I am right now, loving the game with all of me. And also, Since November is my birth month, i want it to be extra special.



IGN: Po_9
Level: 101
Class: Yao Shou

ServerNew Moon


I started playing Perfect World way back when there are only 3 race exist but I don’t exactly remember the date. I played very young I wasn’t able to focus on the game and eventually have forgotten my account but went back playing again in 2017 and ended up migrating now to the New Moon server. What I like in Perfect World is that it has so many features existing in the game and is still developing, this kind of game inspired me to play and study about the game features as I am an aspiring Game Developer myself, the game is fun that it is worth the time you spent playing there. I can’t say that have accomplished something big since I only just began playing again, but I can say that I already contributed small things to my race/guild or even outside of my race. Even though I am not strong my self I tend to help newbies to get their temporary gears or help them finish their cultivation quests. I also tend to help my guildmates in their cavings if their tank logged out since I am Yao Shou class. I also tends to answer all questions that I know as soon as read it, it might be on the Guild Chat, World Chat or at the Perfect World Community. I have played many other games like FPS/RPG/MOBA and many of kinda of MMORPG but recently I played Dota 2 and RF Online. Before Playpark Perfect World I played on server Chimera but as soon as I reached rb1 100 it migrated. I would recommend Playpark Perfect World around the world because Playpark Perfect World is fun a game and has many kind of fun event in-game and in real life, if any of them decided to play they won’t have a hard time to adjust to Perfect Worlds gameplay as I am here to teach and help and even help them on technical problems that I can handle on my own.

Why you should pick me:
I am actually not trying to be a hero, but if I’m qualified, then I should be a HERO.



IGN: Sheryx
Level: 102
Class: Yao Jing
Server New Moon


I have started playing perfect world, way back 2008, was from dragon server. What I really like about this game, it helps me think outside the box, not only by being guided by the game help but rather than thinking of what should be the best fit for your character, this is something that a normal person can’t do only awesome ones. I had once played Ran online at the same time perfectworld, but with all the games that I have played, i have found family, realfriends, shoulder to cry-on on this game.

Why you should pick me:

I always consider myself as the best and always on top of the rest, not being selfish though, but THIS IS ME! something that makes everyone unique is being yourself, I already considered myself as the HER OF THE MONTH? BAKIT?! Because I know that MY KAARTEHAN and INSECURITY helped me to become one of the best players. BAKIT?! First, kaartehan, being obsessive compulsive helps me and us to play ng MAAYOS, to play with fun, making myself occupied and being MAARTE when in comes sa flight, sa fashions, sa pangalan, and don’t get me wrong, if you’re MAARTE you’re just being ORGANIZED all through out ,not only in this game but also outside the game.
BEING INSEKYURADA?? The best ako dyan!. I always envy those who have GOOD WEAPON, HIGH-UPS armors, AWESOME FLIGHTS, one of a kind fashions and hay nako, too many to mention kung ano pinakakainggitan ko sa life. BAKIT AKO INSECURE, i’m using this kind of SKILL for me to become simply the best. simply to overcome jealousy. I know insecurity is something that everyone doesn’t want. BUT DON’T me TEH! Use insecurity in a goodway. Something na may good benefits na balik satin. I am not trying to overpower everyone, but atleast man lang, mapantayan ko. I don’t want to be bullied, and being called NOOB? I used to be NOOB. Bat dahild this uniqueness that I have as my QUALITIES and SKILLS helped me to become ME, MYSELF and I. Again and I THANK YOU!