IGN: ※

Clan: Metanoia

Level: 103

Class: Yu Xia

Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing Perfect World in 2007, where the computer shop in our area has just opened. Everyone went ahead to play Ragnarok Online but we were curious with that one guy who was playing a 3D game. We asked and then we were hooked. We played on the Dragon Server. At that time, we did not last 3 months because levelling was too difficult, especially for young minds like my friends and I. We returned to the game after the tideborne race entered the game, but still, we grew tired of playing the game. Earthen class came, then I decided to return. I tried the Hun Ling character because I am very fond of Int type classes. Alas, I finally found the character that jived with me. I got really hooked again on the game, especially since Hun Ling class is good for solo playing, and at the same time as support. By this time, Perfect World quests already provided short but heavily rewarding quests, so it was easy for newbies to level up, and I did level up to 100. Still, something is lacking. I felt alone playing solo. I tried reaching out to my old pals but we grew out each other. I stopped playing the game again.


Fast forward to PW 2.0 Transcendence. I returned because of all the advertisements I saw and felt nostalgic about it. This time, I created a Yu Xia and Yu Ling character, complementary pair, nuker and support. While I was doing my dailies, I met Keagan, the master then of SoulEdge Clan. I was invited to his clan. There and Then, I felt Support and Care. It felt like being in a family in a virtual world. I found what I was missing. Even if I had short- or long-term breaks from the game, I still have a family to go back to.


Then came the server migration. These were dark times. I tried finding that spark from different Perfect World Servers (e.g. PWI, EPW, Abyss, Classic, etc.), but most of them were already advanced and some are pure PVP servers. That is why when PWPH returned, I made it my goal to reproduce what I have done on the previous versions of the game. During CBT, I reached lvl 90 to attain the highest reward possible (Shout out to my levelling buddies then: SESA, Blythe, Cersei, and Reito, we’re not that close now though xD).


On OBT, other members of SoulEdge returned to rebuild our clan, but we’re not enough. We merged with Retaliate Clan, and together, we built the Metanoia Family. Now, we continue to nourish each other mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (Physically na rin kasi maraming “big guys” samin literally xD). Shout out to the current active members of the Metanoia; You guys are the life and blood of our family, especially the BB girls, the muses and pamuses of the clan, and the metanoobs, the forefront of adventures. You guys are the best.


Now, when I have time, I create new characters to meet and help new players on beginning their journey, and to remind me that we are all players, and our main goal is to have fun. With this, I would like to acknowledge the Crusaders clan, especially ate Yow (Yeou), for the warm welcome of my Papillon (RIP Nien Beast, you will be missed). I also express my gratitude to the people I met during the growth of my YS, Dredge. You know who you are.


In toto, Perfect World is not just about the journey to reach the highest level, or to have the best equips possible. It is also about the friends we made along the way, and the adventures you finished together. Perfect World is not just about beating other players through PK, or doing the same old torrid daily quests. There are still untouched lands and unconquered dungeons. We still haven’t reached the depths of the game features. This is also what differs Perfect World from any other games: Friends, Fun, and Adventure.


“The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things!” – Kanami, Log Horizon



Why you should pick me:



I wish to become the Hero of the Month for December to advocate for the growth of my server. I also want to belabor doubts and vanquish whilom unconquerable adventures in our game. I shall do this by providing unrequited guidance to fresh minds in our game.


Even before, as I said on the previous question, I sometimes create new characters to easily reach out to budding players of our game. I will not be enumerating my deeds because that will be as if I’m counting my blessings. Still, I am grateful for the people I have helped, and I hope you too have found your family and rightful place in our world.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my best interests in our community. Even if I don’t win as Hero of the Month, you may still approach me for guidance to things I already explored and have knowledge about. I will welcome you with open arms.


Yuan o Box Event will start at 5pm, if you are interested to join be at the Venue an hour before.