All Level 3 Clans on September 14, 2020 are eligible to join.

Tournament Schedule
– Territorial War Wipe Out(Including Eclipse) – September 14, 2020
– Scoring – September 19, 2020 – November 23, 2020
– Battle for the slot per server – November 28, 2020 (Final 4)
(Top 2 highest score per server will battle for the Territorial Warlords Qualifier Slot.)

How to join:

Clan Masters who want to participate must send an email to The clan master should only use one email address for the duration of the Territorial Wars and Phoenix Council Wars 2020.

The Clan’s Master on September 14, 2020 will be considered the registered Clan Master for the whole Territorial Warlords 2020. All Clans must not change the clan masters during the Territorial Wars period. If a Clan changes their clan master during the Territorial Wars period, the clan will be disqualified from the event, regardless of their points.
No Transferring of Clan. Clan members should stay in the clan within the duration of the tournament. A player may transfer until September 25, 2020. (If you are registered in the Omni Battle Tournament, please think wisely before you transfer.)

The email must contain the following:

Email Subject Title: PW Territorial Warlords Registration
Clan Name:
Clan Master’s Full Name:
Clan Master’s Username:
Clan Master’s Character Name:
Contact Information (mobile and email):
Recipient of Archaic Legend PIlls: (10 Character Names of your Members)
Attach one (1) Valid ID and the Clan Logo(720×720 pixels)

The ownership of the Clan Master’s account will be verified.
Deadline of submission: October 2, 2020

If the account details do not match those provided by the Clan Masters, the clan will not be eligible to receive the prizes.

Territorial Wars Scoring

Any Clan that controls a territory will automatically get a score.
Scoring is from September 19, 2020 until November 23, 2020
Participating clan scores will be tallied every Monday. The pointing system is as follows:

  • + 1 Territory = + 3 points
  • – 1 Territory = –2 points
  • All Territories are equivalent to 3 points

The Top 2 Clans in each server with the highest number of total points by the end of the scoring period will fight for the PCW 2020 Final 8 Qualifier slot.

*In case of a tie in the 2nd and 3rd slot, they will battle for the Top 2 Slot.
*In case of a tie in the 1st and 2nd slot, they will battle for the Top 1 Slot.

The Clan Masters of the Territorial Warlords Champion per server must submit their line up on or before November 25, 2020.
Must contain the list of players to participate in the Ingame Tournament.

Clan Master of Territorial Warlord Representative must E-mail the PW PH team through
Subject: PW Topaz Warlords [S1/S2] – Clan Name Lineup
Team Captain Name:
Team Captain IGN:
Team Captain Class to be used:
Team Captain Contact No.:

Member1 Name:
Member1 IGN:
Member1 Class to be used:
Member1 Contact No.:

Member2 Name:
Member2 IGN:
Member2 Class to be used:
Member2 Contact No.:

Member3 Name:
Member3 IGN:
Member3 Class to be used:
Member3 Contact No.:

Member4 Name:
Member4 IGN:
Member4 Class to be used:
Member4 Contact No.:

IMPORTANT: The registered character of the clan representative will be the account to receive the prizes from the PCW Final 4 and above. The account should be under their name and will be verified by the PW PH GM Team.

Every week, screenshots and updated scores will be posted on the PW PH FB page and/or website.

If a clan is disqualified due to the changing of Clan Master or any other violation, the Clan name will be removed from the scoring list. A list of disqualified Clans will also be posted every week.

If a clan is already in the list of winners of a certain category, that clan is no longer eligible to win in other categories.
(If the winning clan acquires the Top 1 slot for Topaz and Jade Warlords of any season, the slot will be awarded to the clan with the 2nd highest score.)

READ about the Phoenix Council Wars Article [Click here]

Prizes:(per server)
Runner Up
20 Dustfall Relic
100 War Avatar Treasure Box
2 Dustfall Artifact
30 (800) Valor Token

PCW 2020 Qualifer Slot
30 Dustfall Relic
6 Dustfall Artifact
150 War Avatar Treasure Box
300 Immortal Chart
160 Glyph Pack LV4
30 (800) Valor Token

(All Clans that will acquire 3 Territories for the first 3 weeks with at least 20 members active)
5 R8 Weapon Material Pack
20 R8 Armor Material Pack
10 recipients of 50 pcs Archaic Legend Pills(Recipients should be included in the registration email)
20 Gold Amulet
Note: Clan Master must register here and join the Masters of Pan’gu Group)

2 winners of 2 pcs Dustfall Artifact
2 winners of Vanguard Emblem
2 winners of 16,000 Songflow Ringstone, 880 Strongwind Badge, 368 Benevolence Seal
2 Winners of 18,000 Songflow Ringstone, 850 Strongwind Badge, 170 Kunwoo Blade

*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.