Magic Kingdom is now open!

Welcome, one and all, to the most Magical place in the land of Pan Gu! Come in to the Magic Kingdom - a new event area for you to explore. Marvel at all the attractions in the only amusement park in an online game.

Magic Kingdom Key Features

Amusement Park

  • Rides! Take a break from the grind and relax in the fun-filled Magic Kingdom.
  • Win┬áMagical Coins from side events like the shooting gallery or whack-a-mole.
  • Then exchange them for a neat item like fashion sets, mount, pets and more.
  • Special Daily Quests.
  • Accomplish daily challenges to get more tokens that you can exchange for other goodies.

Magic Kingdom Highlights

  • New Area: Magic Kingdom
  • New Dungeon: Frozen Hell
  • New Boundary Unlocked: Royal Sky
  • New Function: Inscription Refinement
  • Added Engrave Function: Advanced Level
  • New Elemental Spirit: Monsoon
  • New Function: Bestiary
  • Sacred Realm Phantom: New source of Vitae